Rig Moving

[vc_text_separator title=”Rig Moving”][vc_empty_space]AL Asfar core activity is transporting land-based drilling rigs between sites and across international borders.

What is rig moving?

When a client – either a petroleum company or a drilling contractor – needs to move a drilling rig, its auxiliary equipment and housing units from one drilling site to another, they call on our expertise.

With our fleet of specialized off-road trucks we dismantle, transport and re-assemble our clients’ rigs quickly, efficiently and most importantly, safely. We go when and where our clients need us to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

This is often in extreme weather and in very difficult conditions: down muddy roads, over mountainous terrain and in swampy locations. Our skilled drivers have seen it all. It’s this experience that’s earned Al-Asfar Petroleum Services LLC a reputation as one of the best rig moving companies in the business.